Our Story

In 2003, HEPCO Quarries Founders, brothers Brad and Brian Hepler, were clocking in for corporate America, with Brad specializing in sales and marketing at Ashland Chemical, and Brian perfecting the production line at a Proctor & Gamble manufacturing plant. While these jobs provided valuable experiences, the allure of the stone industry they grew up around remained a constant presence in their lives.

Despite lacking a family background in stone quarrying, the significant impact of bluestone on their upbringing in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, was strong. As a thriving industry in the region, its influence was hard to overlook and spending high school summers ‘stacking stone’ was an experience Brad couldn’t shake.

After many garage meetings, often with beers in hand, the decision was made to venture into the bluestone business. Brad established a stone yard in West Chester, Pennsylvania, repurposing the Spaz Beverage gravel parking lot into a retail stone yard. Brian was sourcing bluestone inventory from small local quarries and hauling three pallets at a time back to the family farm in Susquehanna County using his trusty 1971 International one-ton stake body truck.

Fueled by their love for stone and a determination to make their mark, today HEPCO Quarries is a successful part of the bluestone industry. With their 6 acre retail stone yard in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and their main quarry operations on 205 acres in Windsor, New York, HEPCO is known far and wide for their traditional and innovative bluestone products.  They are committed to quality bluestone and the customers and communities they serve.

The Heart of Our Company

Humble beginnings, but with hard work and determination HEPCO Quarries was born! 20 years later we are going strong with our great crew — the reason for our success!

Mark Cappelli

Yard Manager
With years of masonry experience under his belt, Mark takes great care of our Mid Atlantic customers by offering installation advice and masonry solutions. He expertly manages all aspects of our 6 acre stone yard in West Chester, PA.

Ed Smith

Professional Driver
Delivery driver extrordinare, Ed gets our bluestone safely to our customers throughout the Delaware Valley and beyond. He is always ready to get the job done where ever or whatever it may be.

Curt Rudock

Mechanic & Quarry Manager
Jack of all trades turning wrenches, running equipment, drilling holes, and sniffing out new stone opportunities in the quarry Curt is HEPCO through and through and is as hands on as they get.

Brett Hepler

Custom Fabricator & Equipment Operator
Doing custom fabrication projects, running trucks, loading and unloading trucks, and helping with everything that involves stone production. Brett is the quarryman that gets it done.
These are the people that do all the heavy lifting, splitting, cutting, stacking, and creating of our high quality bluestone products with care and passion everyday!

Peter Ruiz

Landscape Product Producer

Arnulfo Vasquez

Dimensional Stone Producer

Cristhia Costa

Head of Overburden Removal

Why Choose HEPCO?

With quarrying operations in Windsor, NY and supply partners in Susquehanna, Delaware, and Broome Counties, HEPCO Quarries is able to offer our customers a full range of bluestone products. 
We work hard to provide a quality product at a fair price and strive to develop strong, long lasting relationships with all of our customers. We are small enough to serve, but large enough to deliver!

You have a choice when it comes to bluestone supply

Let HEPCO show you the way you deserve to be treated...like a customer!!


Our wholesale operation sells bluestone in full truck load and container quantities throughout the U.S. and Canada. We also service the Philadelphia & I - 95 Corridor market (NJ, DE, MD, PA) directly with a retail stone yard in West Chester, PA.


Our large inventory of quality bluestone has allowed us to become an important supplier to area builders, landscapers, and masonry contractors. Contact us today to get your next project started.

Stay On-Track

Understanding the dynamics of getting bluestone out of the ground allows us to deliver accurate turn around times. It also gives us the ability to offer alternative products and solutions to help make even the most challenging masonry projects successful and stunning.